Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday 20th June 2010, Moved to Nunny kirk

just to be different todays blog is reversed! This is a steam roller from a Vintage vehicles meet at Rothbury
Here it has reached the top of the hill
And here it is tackling the climb
Wallington House and lots of picnickers on the lawns
And on the steps too as it was a very hot day
This is one of the hundreds of beautiful roses in the gardens
Pat shot this pensive little lady resting under one of the trees
This clock is a but stange, it only has a single hand!
This is the inside of the impressive gateway cum entrance at wallington house
And this is the rear of the mansion
You enter Wallington House through this impressive entrance, We had made good time from Whitby and arrive on site by 11:00 AM but felt too tired to go a long way during the afternoon, Walling ton had the advantage of being only four miles from our campsite.

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