Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday 17th June 2010 Ravenscar, Scarborough and Whitby

A great day's weather, not a cloud in the sky and sunny and warm. We visited Ravenscar and had tea looking across the bay towards Ronin Hoods Bay. This notice on the platform of the old Railway Station tells the sad story of a great idea that didn't work out.
This is the view as you drive down the lane that is at right angles to the Ravenscar Road, it leads to the old Alum Workings, and a car park from which there is a steep path down to "Boggle Hole" which is a small cove where there is a break in the cliffs.
The only building down there is a Youth Hostel

Pat took this long tele shot of Robin Hood's bay from the lane. You cannot drive there down the lane, just why the road was never completed through is one of those mysteries than no-one seems to know the answer to!
I just remembered this carved post on the platform of the Ravenscar Railway station, it commemorated the "Evacuees" (children sent into the countryside to live with foster parents to protect them from bombing during the war)
Pat was so impressed with the view that she insisted I show her how to do a Panorama, and this is her first one!
Next she wanted to photograph the birds on Scarborough Mere, but when she saw this army of geese she changed her mind!
The view is always splendid from the top of Olivers Mount and Pat took quite a few shots from there
Here is another one she took looking down at the harbour
And one of mine of South Beach, which is very much larger in reality than it appears to be here.
Peasholm Park next and Pat just loved the ducklings
And of course the cheeky squirells too, this one had just snatched a peanut from a womans hand and was busily gnawing at the outer shell
Here are the model warships that have staged mock battles on the park lake since I was a kid, and it's still popular to this day.
Hows this for a tranquil summer scene, they look to be really enjoying themselves, don't they?
And after tea what is nicer than a stroll along the riverside in Whitby? This yacht was circling the harbour as he waited to get through the swing bridge upriver.
And the local rowing clubs were out in force, no doubt practising for some major eventIt really was a lovely day we were really quite ready for a rest when we got back to the caravan!

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