Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday 13th June 2010 Whitby for one week

Today is a special day for us, it's our 46th Wedding Anniversary! We are a funny couple in many ways, we didn't send each other a card, or anything like that, but we did spend quite a bit of time today remembering the good times we have had over the years, and we enjoyed a rather nice cake and some Tiramisu Ice cream with our tea, and a couple of glasses of Pear cider.
See? I still know how to give a girl a good time!
The weather as usual let us down and we arrived on the campsite in rain, but no matter! After lunch and a good snooze we drove down to Sandsend for a look at the sea, and despite the weather it was busy. (Though most people stayed in their cars)
This is the view looking towards Whitby.

And here is a closer view of that beach, as you can see a few hardy souls are out walking
Usually this meant that they were walking the dog, a reason they found compelling enough to get wet.

This isn't as it seems, a traffic jam, these cars are all Parked, it is free on this slope near the village.
Here is a view of the village itself, as you see hardly anyone is about, they just seemed to sit in their vehiclesThe rain continued into the evening so it was a time for hobbies and books, tomorrow looks like being better weather so we are looking forward to that!

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