Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday 5th June 2010 : Hidcote Gardens

our destination for today was Hidcote Gardens and we really enjoyed out visit to what turned out to be one of the best we had visited.
(This is one of Pat's images)

There were so species of plants we had never seen before, like this one for instance, it was about a foot across.
When we arrived the garden was just opening so we had a cup of coffee in the car and German and Japanese tour buses arrived, the lady in front here was the German Courier, and the Japanese group was the same one we had encountered in Bourton on the Water Yesterday.
The garden was enourmous, and divided up into "Rooms" with a theme, there were some miniature irises which grew in dense stands
Pat took this close up of the extraordinary patterns on the petals, amazing , aren't they?

Among the ornamental garden "rooms" was this "Bathing Pool" as you can see the "rooms" are divided by high hedges with little cut through entrances and exits
(This is one of Pat's images)

Here is an ornamental arbour, just the job when the sun is hot like today
A detail of one of the exquisite flowers that were everywhere
(This is one of Pat's images)

This is a view of the "Long walk" through the connecting building from the green called the "Theatre" where during the summer plays are staged
(This is one of Pat's images)

Either side of the "Long Walk" are these walkways that connect the many "Rooms" of the gardens
(This is one of Pat's images)

As lunch time approached the garen became busier, as you can see here, but it is such a big area that there were still plenty of quiet places
I coudn't resist this flower, though I have no idea what it is called it sure looks beautiful!
Here is Pat admiring the Rhododendrons, there were many of a wide variety of colours and shades.
Near the kitchen garden there was an ornamental pool with of course some delightful water lilies.
(This is one of Pat's images)

And in the old garden a sundial with the year 1769 engraved on the stone
There was an extensive Alpine garden too, this one appealed to me, lack of space prevents me loading up more of the many images we took

by this point some of the visitors were flagging a bit and consulting the provided maps
We had an excellent lunch in the Cafe (Coronation Chicken Salad) with tea of course and I took this shot of the wall outside, it looked a little like the temples at Angkor Wat where the jungle was reclaiming the temples!Well thats it for this holiday, we shall be off on the last leg of the journey home, but no doubt away again in a week or so!

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