Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday 24th June 2010 lindisfarne and Beadnell

.Knowing how busy it seems to be getting round here we were off early and enjoying a cuppa on Lindisfarne itself, opposite the refuge on the original Pilgrims way across the sands, I other words half way between the causeway and the village.
Already there was quite a flow of traffic heading for the car parks , we went into the village and parked where we always have, then walked past the village cross and Pat was fascinated by the flowers outside the first house

.This was one of many fine roses growing up the wall.

.Then it was past the pub, through the rusty turnstiles and across the common, where Pat took this one of the ruins of the Priory, famous as the birthplace of Christianity on the English Mainland, it was raided by Vikings, but managed to last until the Dissolution of the Monasteries under Henry the Eighth.

.Then through the other turnstile, down the little hill and into the area filled with fishing gear and the old boat huts. I took this one of a rather more modern (though decrepit) boat and surrounding gear.

.And Pat did this very nice portrait format image of the upturned bow of one of the old boat huts with Lindisfarne Castle and boats at anchor. I rather like this shot!
.Pat is turning out some very competent shots with groups of people against interesting backgrounds, and this is a good example as a family heads out towards the castle

.In between us arriving and leaving the council had turned up to repair the railings on the causeway bridge, typical timing when we wanted to photograph it, but of course repairs must be essential when you consider the structure is out there in the middle of the bay and subject to some dreadful storms!

.We dropped into the Oxford Farm shop to reserve a table for dinner, then continued on the A1 to go north to the hill above Berwick where I could get 3G internet access to upload the blog.
In front of me there was a caravan being towed with the skylight wide open, so I flashed him and we turned into the next lay-bye.
When I set off again I hadn’t gone very far when I found a Police Car on my tail flashing his lights for me to stop.
I turned off at the first junction and he pulled in behind me, he told me that according to the computer in his car, there was no insurance taken out on my car!
Fortunately I was able to produce the certificate and he was full of apologies for stopping me, saying that the computer system obviously hadn’t been updated.
But, the Insurance was taken out in April, Officer, I said.
Ah well, he replied, it does happen occasionally, if you hadn’t any insurance we would have taken your car away.
I didn’t say anything but if I hadn’t had my insurance certificate with me, I wonder if this is what they would have done? It doesn’t bear thinking about!
Any way we continued and uploaded the Blog then had a great Beef salad at the Oxford Farm Shop followed by Meringues, Strawberries and Ice Cream. Heres Pat with hers.

.And this is mine, I liked it so much I wanted a photo!

.On then to Beadnell Bay, and it had clouded over. To judge from the amount of Kelp on the beach the sea had been pretty rough quite recently

.We got as far as the harbour and then a passer bye told Pat that the Seahouses Lifeboat was bringing in a fishing boat that had a failed motor and sure enough before long we could see them approaching

.When they arrived in the bay and dropped anchor we watched the crewmen transfer back to their boat, and with a gentle shove from the lifeboat men it made it the last few yards to a waiting tractor and trailer

.Job done the engines of the lifeboat roared and off it sped like a speedboat. I’ll bet the crew really enjoyed their run out under ideal conditions, it must have been a very welcome change from the winter storms and raging seas that they have to endure on most launchings.

.HM Coastguard were waiting in force and the boat owners had to give an account of themselves to a group of guys who must have heard it all before!

It was a very eventful day out, that we had really enjoyed, so back at camp we had a lazy evening.

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