Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wednesday 2nd June Last full day in Cornwall: Sennen and Marazion

Here we are once again at the end of a holiday, my how quickly the days pass when you are having fun!
We had intended to have a sit on the beach at Sennen Cove, but as you will see from our photos, a sea fret put paid to that idea! The mist was highly variable, clear one minute and dense the next, it made the cove and see look somewhat eerie!

We parked at the harbour and had a stroll around, the mist certainly added a little extra to the scene, and there was a high sea running
It was breaking over the harbour wall every thirty seconds or so, and very noisy too!
Some people must be born with no brains, look at these two clowns who walked to the end of the harbour wall to fish, apparently under the impression that the sea couldn't reach them there.
(I took these two images on Pat's new camera, they are not cropped, but the full image is used)

Imagine their surprise when they were nearly swept off by a wave and ended up clinging to the metal harbour light at the end of the sea wall.
What kind of an idiot takes risks of this sort to catch a fish? the mind boggles!

We intended to go to the Levant mine and as we approached Pat took this photo of an old tin mine, now just a ruin
To our dismay the Sea Fret was bad on the cliff top here too, so no dramatic views down the cliffs today!
Never mind, we had some shopping to do and took in a car boot sale before returning to the caravan for an afternoon rest and tidy round in preparation for tomorrows journey, then after tea went down to Marazion for a walk on the beach and along the causeway
There was a wedding group being photographed on the beach and Pat took this happy shot of them, it was luckily for them very warm down on the seashore.
Pat also took this one, which I rather liked, it seemed to capture the mood of the evening down there on the shore

I walked out on the foreshore, but couldn't cross as the tide was already half way in. I noticed that there had been a breach in the causeway that was under repair, which must be quite a job with the tides to contend with
final shot of the day and the holiday, I climbed on this rock outcrop to join the holiday makers contemplating ST Michael's Mount. I wondered if any of them were reluctantly thinking they would have to leave this magic place in the morning?

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