Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday 29th July 2010 A day on the mainland

It seemed a good idea to have a day on the mainland as the weather forecast was for a sunny afternoon (which never happened)
We too the road through Caernarvon and chose the inland route to Portmadoc, turning off just before we got there to visit Criccieth. We found it pretty quiet, which came as a surprise as most of the other places nearby were busy

Stopping on the Castle Hill we just had to have a "Cadwallader's" Ice cream (Rum and Raisin) which was delicious, before moving on
Pwhelli was really busy, and Abersoch was gridlocked, we eventually got through and over the headland where we dropped down to the shore and Pat took this image of the bay, you can see how the mountain tops are obscured by low clouds.

By now it was nearly lunch time and we carried on to Aberdaron where there is this unique bakery in a corrugated iron shed!
Despite its looks he bakes great pies and pasties and we bought a couple and two inch thick slabs of "Bara Brith" a delicious spiced fruit cake.
Cheapest lunch so far a £3.60 for the lot, and deliciously filling too.

We had a stroll into the village and spotted this woven fish statue, which appeared to by made from lengthy twigs. I looked like some form of Wiccan symbolism to me.
This Cafe used to serve meals to pilgrims about to take a boat ride to the monastery on Bardy island, its very pleasant inside and serves great meals
There is a beach here and a cafe which has an overhanging veranda (great to shelter under when it rains)
We rested up during the afternoon then had a short evening ride out to Cemlyn Bay, this isn't a normal beach, its actually a bank of pebbles over forty feet high that encloses a lagoon of fresh water behind it.
Despite the poor weather we had had a good day

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