Sunday, July 04, 2010

Saturday 3rd July Nostel Priory and the Freeway 14th Birthday Meet

It was such a lovely sunny morning that we just couldn't sit still and decided to visit Nostel Priory, just through Pontefract. We had visited before (Pat couldn't remember that) and I was a bit thrown when we got through the entrance and headed away from the house to a car park. thinking that it would be too far to walk for Pat.
Fortunately there was a shuttle bus, a great help!

Here is a close up of the very grandiose coat of arms on the front of the house
There are major restorations going on, particularly in the old "Stable" block where they are actually lifting the whole roof off in one go to do repairs to the supporting beams before lowering it back onto them
Around the back of the stable block is the rather lovely rose garden, with this elfin statue and a lily pond
Pat is very keen on flowers so she was in her element here!
And very exotic poppies seem to be a feature in many of the gardens we have visited, Pat just loved this one!

I caught this shot of a Damsel fly on one of the Poppy Heads, a lucky shot when you are just carrying a compact camera
Now this rose is one that appealed to me, look at the colour and texture, and it was sweet smelling too.
Back on camp and we set up our book stall, here Sue,Audrey and Irene are checking out the bargains.
It had to happen, a welly throwing contest (actually Jack Baxter's Derri Boots) Here Barry sets a height record
And his wife Sue chooses a different but just as effective method
Mike Sole and Harry did the Barbecueing, Harry got the prize for tallest flames!
Pat won several prizes on the raffles (much to her surprise!)
And here's Ivan showing amazing agility for an 85 year old in a picking up sticks game
A rare moment of quiet as the group tuck in to an excellent barbecue, followed by lots of sticky Gateau, Pavlovas, Cheesecake and Fruit salad and cream.We had games thoughout the afternoon and a really super day!

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