Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 30th July 2010 Bad Weather, another visit to the Sea Zoo

It managed to rain continuously all day, so we took advantage of the week long ticket to the sea Zoo and revisited.
This display is a wave machine where every few seconds water cascades into the pool in quite a spectacular fashion

I was using a very high ASA rating of 3200 for these shots as flash isn't permitted in here, but there are some very interesting small tanks
The chap in the previous picture was looking at these rock pool animals, the light is very low in here and Pat's compact did a great job to take this with the available light
These pipe fish are strange, aren't they?
Part of the Sea Zoo is devoted to shipwrecks and they have quite a few items recovered from shipwqrecks like these decorated plates
My favourite part of the Sea Zoo is this corridor made out to simulate the interior of a wrecked ship on the bottom of the sea, the kids passing through were obviously very excited by it from the squeals and cries of delight!
You can look through the timbers of the shipwreck into these tanks, here is a conger eel and spider crabs
This is another view of the shipwreck corridor showing the many smaller tanks buried in the walls
The zoo does extensive conservation work and breeds sea horses and lobsters, this one is about four inches long and four years old, they don't grow very quickly!
The panorama tank was very busy as the wet weather had brought lots of visitors in.
This model in the cafe took my eye, we stopped and had ham and cheese paninis with salad for lunch before doing some shopping on our way back to the caravan.
The weather was so bad that we didn't go out again!

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