Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 26th July 2010: Anglesey Sea Zoo

Another dull and rainy morning so we decided on the "Anglesey Sea Zoo" down by the Menai Straits.
This is an Aquarium for local cold water species and even though it isn't on the scale of "The Deep" it is very imaginatively done and interesting, and better still, your tickets last for a whole week!
Some of the tanks are open topped like this one in the entrance.

And it had a lot of fish in it! they were very tame and of course you could see in through the glass wall panels too.
In the next room were some rather unusually shaped tanks, these four year old lobsters were in a triangular one.
And to our surprise they had a very active octopus, the ones at the Deep are very hard to see as they tend to hide.
Not so this one, it seemed positively keen to have it's picture taken
There were several tanks containing flat fish, this one looks almost human!
The flounders are very good a camouflage, when this one settled down on the bottom it virtually disappeared.
Wolf Eeels, smaller than the ones in the deep, but a lot more active
There is a really good "Shipwreck" Gallery that we failed to get good photos of as it was chock full of visitors, but since we have a ticket that lasts a week, we will go back and have another try at that.
There is one largish panoramic tank like "The Deep" and this is it, very good too.

The cafe there is worth visiting, Pat had a fisherman's pie, with white fish, prawns, smoked haddock, savoury white sauce, broccolli, mashed potato and salad.
I had a Ploughmand lunch (with ham) and they were both delicious.
Before going back to camp we drove to the end of this little road and I took this shot of the private little harbour with Caernarvon Castle in the background, and of course the cloud covered mountains.

The sun came out late afternoon so after a salad tea we went for a short evening ride along the upper coast road from Dulas to Amlwch, this is the view down onto Point Lynas.
It had been a very pleasant day.

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