Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 24th July Pili Palas, as the weather was awful!

After such a lovely day yesterday it was a bit disappointing to wake to constant drizzle this morning, but we had a plan, we would go to see the butterflies, animals and insects at "Pili Palas"
They have an excellent butterfly area where you can see them at every stage, here is one emerging from its pupa

They will land anywhere they fancy, as this one has on the shoulder of this visitor
There are some lovely tropical flowers in the butterfly house and Pat was having a field day with her new camera, till the battery ran down and she had to get a pass out to go and search for her spare battery in the car!
But she was soon snapping away again as here
And here is another of the fine images she took
There were butterflies all around, you see different species every time you visit, it a great place on a wet day
Here is one I took using flash on the Nikon
And another on one of the fruit feeding stations
This young lady was handling a snake and she soon collected a rather uncertain audience, though before long they wanted to handle the snake too.
And a chap came through with this miniature "Dragon" on his shoulder
There are bigger lizards and snakes in a special area, some really fine specimens, too
And some of the insects are amazing, you wouldn't want locusts on the privet in your garden!
And how about this amazing insect that disguises itself as leaves?We had a great morning there then drove up to Holyhead to shop in the Morrisons Supermarket there, then back to the caravan as the weather was still awful, so a rest and a good book where the order of the day.

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