Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday 22nd July: Moved to Anglesey

We woke to rain and of course a wet pack, but at least got off site by 8:32 AM.
It was a 172 mile journey along the Welsh coast along single carriageway roads and frequent steep hills, but we made good time and Pat took this shot when we stopped briefly for a cuppa

At several points the road came within sight of the coast, here is another of Pat's images
We arrived on site mid afternoon, and had a rest till tea time, then just had a short drive down into Moelfre where this stream attracted our attention.
They must have had a lot of rain for it to be swollen like this, last time we were here it was just a trickle

It was a lovely quiet evening down there with just a couple of people either messing around with boats or simply enjoying the view
And the bees were making their last collections of the day, so it was time to return to the van for an earlier bedtime!
The site was less than half full, which we found very surprising, as the one we left this morning was very full.

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