Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday 19th July 2010 Saundersfoot and Amroth

The weather forecast for today wasn’t very encouraging, as it was for heavy rain, though it was simply cloudy when we got up.
We decided to risk the weather and take a short trip as far as Saundersfoot. No sooner had we reached the bottom of the hill at the site entrance than we came across a car and caravan slewed across the road.
We stopped and I went to see if we could help.
It was a two year old Audi A4 towing a caravan much like ours and the chap said the engine had run out of power as he set off up the hill.
I offered to tow the caravan up to the top of the hill, but he declined, so I dropped back and put on my hazard flashers to cover him as he started to reverse the unhitched caravan down the hill using the mover motors.
At this point a young chap in a land rover came up from our sight and his offer to tow the caravan to the top of the hill was accepted.
The man who’s car had failed to get the unit up the hill came over to thank us for stopping and confided that he knew the cylinder head gasket was leaking and the diesel fuel pump was on it’s way out, but he hadn’t had time to get them done before going on holiday!
The car was two years old and had only done 69,000 miles, lord knows how a car of the supposed quality that Audis charge their customers exorbitant prices for could be so unreliable so soon!
So we left and drove to Saundersfoot, parking on the seafront. We found the place to be very pleasant, with an interesting harbour to walk round, plenty of shops and some nice little gardens with lots of flowers.

The beach was very flat as within one hour it had been covered by the rising tide
The warm weather tempted these two for a paddle, but we preferred to watch!
There was plenty to see and do around the harbour, which was packed!
A little less so close to the harbour entrance
Some rather nice fuchias were growing as a weed out of the stones of the harbour wall
And there were some bods messing about in boats too
They had some small but attractive gardens on the front and these flowers columns
It was even sunny while we were walking around and only started to rain as we got back in the car to leave.
Next stop Amroth and the Amroth Arms where we again had the braised pork, carrots, peas and mashed potatoes with apple and cider gravy.
There was more fat on the pork than last time, but there was still plenty once we had removed the fat, and it was just as tasty as the last time.

We continued along the coast road to Pendine, but the tide was in and the famous beach out of sight, so the next stop was for an ice cream but the castle just outside St Clears, and a ride home via main roads.

There was a fairly lengthy delay which turned out to be three very large escorted loads which looked like the sides of oil tanks for the Milford Haven Refinery.
Once back at the van we stayed in as the promised heavy rain arrived and lasted throughout the evening.

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