Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday July 23rd Bodnant Garden

A sunny morning so off promptly over the Britannia Bridge onto the mainland and north to visit Bodnant Gardens, one of out favourites.
This is the view down onto the house and the mountains behind from the car park

First unusual plant was near the entrance, look how blue the stems are!
This is a victorian garden, so on a Friday some of the lady volunteers dress in Victorian costume to greet the Visitors, a nice touch.
once inside you get a grand view of the house, which is still a private residence, not open to the public
There were some really attractive poppies among the thousands of plant varieties in the garden
Look at these beautiful yellow lilies
Pat got this rather nice shot of a butterfly on this Echnia, there were lots of bees too of course and plenty of human visitors including a large German contingent.
Down at the bottom of the valley there is a fast moving stream and this old mill, which mercifully houses the loos!
This is out favourite of the ponds, the lower pin mill and lily pond
An there were some really attractive lilies just coming out.
Here is snappy happy Patty at the upper lily pond, a fantastic place, isn't it?
And last but not least lunch in the cafe.
Welsh sausages, cabbage, carrots and mashed potatoes with gravy, a pot of tea for Pat, and a Latte for me!
Then back to camp for a rest!

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Beth said...

Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O)