Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday 10th July Stackpole Quay and Amroth

Marvellous isn't it? the rest of the country is having a heatwave and we woke to cool mist and rain again!
We decided to visit Stackpole Quay which is only about four miles up the road and quickly realised that the footpaths over to the next bay were far too steep for Pat, so we walked down the shingle beach and into the little harbour, we just had time to take a couple of photos and the heavens opened so we had to return to the car.

There were some Teasels growing out of the harbour wall
And just a single boat beached behind the Quay, this is as far as we got when the rain started!
We had a cuppa then took the coast road past Tenby through Saundersfoot and on to visit Amroth, as we had been there many years ago and wanted to see it again.
It was of course raining hard, but as we needed some where for lunch we walked along the front and spotted that the local Pub The Amroth Arms, was doing Braised Pork in Cider and Apple sauce with peas, carrots and creamy mashed potatoes, all for £4.95!
We went in and it was a really fine meal, the pork was an inch thick, everything was well done and the cider and apple sauce was delicious!
Coffee and Tea only cost £1.25 a cup, so we had a great lunch and were so full the best plan was to go back to the caravan to rest.

Naturally when we did so the sun came out....typical isn't it?

You could just about see the distant coast in the Tenby area through the rain and mist, and the lone jogger attempting to get pneumonia on the beach.
Further down the road and looking back towards Amroth
After tea the rain stopped so we drove the ten or so miles to Broadhaven Bay, what a lovely beach, a pity that the path was too steep for Pat to attempt, so we walked along the cliff top
There were superb views not only along the coast
But also of the "Pinnacle Rocks" out in the bay
Pats new camera has an 18 times zoom and it was needed to ge this shot of the Pinnacle RocksAll in all the weather hadn't stopped us from having a great day.

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