Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13th July Rain stopped play!

Continuous rain rather spoiled the day!
We went into Tenby with the intention of visiting the "Tudor Merchants House" only to find it was closed for school trips, and then the heavens opened. The Horse and carriage had no customers today and kept circling around the town centre

To get out of the rain we went into the indoor market and had a good look round, there was at least an interesting mural up high on the wall
It was still raining hard outside so we beat a hasty retreat to a local pub for lunch, then headed back to the caravan for a snooze.
The main entertainment this afternoon has been watching the odd characters on site that parade to the ablution blocks for everything from carrying the washing up in a bowl to going for a shower in the pouring rain.
It still makes me smile to see this, when they obviously have everything they could possibly need already built in!
It is still very mild despite being cloudy, though no one is sitting outside for the evening as they were yesterday!
Garfield of course is very happy, as he has the staff on hand for much longer on wet days!

Hopefully we will have better luck tomorrow?

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