Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday 9th July Stackpole Estate

We woke to the sound of wind and rain, so after a slow start went into Pembroke looking for a supermarket. We found the nearest was a Tesco in Pembroke Dock, so we shopped there and filled up the car. looking out of the window at breakfast I spotted this large rabbit who obviously thought he was a Meerkat!
We have several rabbits that seem completely unconcerned by the caravans and people on site.

Looking for somewhere to visit we spotted an NT sign for Stackpole Estate and had a walk to the lily ponds. Unfortunately it started to rain and Pat was suffering quite badly with arthriris, so we had to cut our walk short
These ponds are very extensive and stretch for a great distance.

This bridge gives some idea of the sheer size of the ponds, the water is crystal clear and you can see shoals of fish (trout I think)
A family of swans passed by and ploughed a path through the water lilies
Pat took this rather nice shot, I especially like the reflections and the lilies in the background
Pat rested when we got back to the caravan and I walked the couple of miles down to Freshwater East Beach, it was only when I got there I realised I had taken the memory card out of the camera and place it into the computer to download the images!
Fortunately the camera has enough memory to permit six shots to be taken

It has a beautiful beach, not seen at it's best on a drizzly afternoon like today!

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