Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday 18th July: St Govans and the Elegug Stacks

Heavy rain during the night and a cloudy and drizzling start made the day look like a washout, so we went to the Morrison's in Haverford west to shop and have out lunch there.
The weather stayed dull and rainy right up until tea time, but then it brightened up a bit and we decided on an evening run the ten miles or so to St Govan's Head.
This can be reached as long as there are no red flags up signifying that there are live firing exercises on the Tank range, and the views along the coast are spectacular.

Just look at the majesty of these cliffs!
And down on the rocks there were cormorants drying their wings
This is what we had come to see, St Govans Chapel, over 500 years old, when we last came here 39 years ago we climbed down to look inside, but we passed on that this time!
Further along the coast we followed another road through the Army Tank range to "Elegug Stacks" and the "Green Bridge of Wales" which is shown here
These are the "Elegug Stacks" and they are a very impressive sight indeed!Considering how badly the weather had affected our day, the evening trip certainly made up for it, so nice to re-visit places after so many years!

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