Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday 25th July 2010 Penrhyn Castle

With a rather erratic weather forecast we decided to play safe and visit penrhyn Castle where we could go round the house if it rained and the gardens if not
It isn't a real castle of course, it was built by evil people who made a fortune out of owning slaves in the carribean that worked their sugar plantations, and Welsh workers who were actually little better off quarrying slate for them.
In those days sin really paid handsomely (just like now!)

Since it was dry and mild we decided to visit the walled garden which is one of our favourites
There are two ornamental lily ponds here, and they are attractive, if a little overgrown with mosses and water plants
There are of course some fine lilies, which Pat photographed repeatedly
Though the garden isn't as attractive as it was in springtime, there are still plenty of flowers to catch the eye, and the nose too with some fine scents
There are some very large fuschias, many times bigger than the ones at home.
and some species that I didn't recognise (not that I'm an expert of course)
Bottle Brush plants? well they certainly look like them, don't they?
We had lunch in the Tesco Extra in Bangor them went back onto Anglesey and drove down to the edge of the Menai strait, look at the low clouds over the mountains!
And despite the mist Pat got a good shot of Caernarvon Castle
Then it was time to return to the van and give Garfield a treat for his 18th Birthday, his favourite, a bag of peeled prawns and some tuna steak, he loved it!
He doesn't look all of his 18 years, does he?
Happy Birthday Garfield, and many more of them we hope!

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