Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday 25th August 2010 Blea Tarn and Langdale

A bright morning, so first stop Ambleside to pick up a sandwich and bun for lunch, then join the merry thong heading into Langdale.This is a difficult area for parking, but I managed to find a spot and walked back to get this view, which I have liked for a long time
And while walking back, this one, with Stickle tarn running down the side of the pike
The streams that feed Elterwater are wonderfully clear, as here, they look good enough to drink.
Living under the lee of a mountain is this picturesque little village
And here is the view of the farthest end of Landale that Pat took out of the car window as there is little chance of stopping to take photographs around here
A Panoramic of Blea Tarn in all it's sunny summer majesty for you! the Car Park here was absolutely full, so after our walk down to the tarn we drove out over the cattle grid and parked on the flank of the hill where we could enjoy the antics of the motorists heading for Wrynose Pass.
There was a lot of traffic and some interesting snarl ups, especially at the junction where the Little Langdale road forks to Wrynose or Blea Tarn. You couldn't help but smile at the thought of how some of these characters were going to deal with Wrynose and Hardkott when they got that far!

Watching these antics Pat sighed and said"I don't think I have the patience for going over the passes today' if you don't mind."
I had intended to go that way, but I could see her point!
On our way back Pat just had to get this one of the "Smallest House" (though from this angle you can't see it is actually on a bridge)
In the evening I went for a walk to see the "Bowder Stone" just look at the way it balances on a narrow end of the diamond.
It's a mile past Grange heading towards Seatoller and there's a car park close by

And heading back to site I just had to drive a mile or so further so I could have a shot of my favourite house!

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