Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday 15th August 2010 Back in the Lake District!

It's nice to have a sunny start for a change, and this morning was exactly that, we made good time, going via the York Ring road, A1 North to Scotch Corner, then across the A66. pat took this shot of Brough Castle through our not too clean windscreen.
We arrived at 1:30 and managed to find a pitch we liked, here we are all set up and ready for a snooze!
Needless to say it wasn't long before I just had to have a walk down to the lakeside, just look at the Kabuki theatre effect on this view to the south.
Down by the lakeside it was very hot, even the wind was warm, this dog had the right idea!
I walked as far as the Chinese Bridge before the heat made me decide it would be a better idea to walk back and have a cool drink, there were even some poor benighted souls jumping off the bridge into the chilly depths of the river!
Ah, that's better a cool shady part of the footpath, where you can get your breath back before tackling the slope back to the camp site!

Tomorrow we shall go out in search of vital supplies, (Grasmere Gingerbread and Beer) and maybe some food, too!

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