Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday 16th August 2010 Tarn Howes

Looking out of the Caravan window first thing I was surprised to find it was foggy, but by the time we had finished breakfast and were on the road, it was rapidly evaporating. We stopped at the National Trust Car park just before the Watendlath road and Pat took this rather nice shot looking towards Keswick
Using the Zoom on my compact I chose to pick out this smaller area.First stop of the day was Grasmere to buy a 12 pack of Gingerbread!
We had decided to visit Tarn Howes, and knowing that cafes are few and far between out there we decided to park briefly in Ambleside and get some Sandwiches and Sticky buns from the Greggs Bakers there, and while we were at it, we had a coffee and sampled the still warm Gingerbread!
And very nice it was too!

Tarn Howes was very busy, but we managed to get some shots when people had briefly walked out of view
Like this one, it looks deserted but it most certainly wasn't!
We then drove down to the lakeside and went for several miles along the eastern shore before finding a free car park where we could get out our camping chairs and table and eat lunch in the lovely warm sunshine, here is a yacht that I was admiring (look at the reflection) as it drifted slowly by, (there was very little wind!)
I walked down to the "beach" and found you had to be careful as there were masses of tree roots everywhere, but the view was pleasant enough.
We were ready for a rest after we did some shopping at Booths (Keswick) and enjoyed a lazy afternoon on site.

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