Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday 24th August Silloth and Watendlath area

It was raining first thing, but the weather forecast said "brighter later" so we decided a trip to the coast would use up the time till the weather improved, and we were right.
As we got to the Silloth road from Maryport the temperature which had started of at 9C rose to 15 and despite being very windy, it was very pleasant.
These two characters were shooting along at great speed, and sometimes actually being lifted into the air, such was the power of the "sails" they were using

This coast is rather bleak on a dull day, yet interesting too, this house and the shingle beach look like something out of a movie
Pat took this shot of the unique sea wall at Silloth, it certainly get as battering from the waves.
Silloth is a good place to visit as parking is free, there are plenty of cafes (and toilets) and there is a friendly atmosphere in the place.
In Victorian times it was a very popular holiday destination, but the Beeching Railway cuts in 1965 destroyed the holiday trade and it hasn't really come back, which is a great shame.

There are hundreds of sea birds in the more sheltered sections, Pat tells me these are Dunlins
We found an excellent baker on the main road and I had a really nice "Coronation Chicken and Salad Baguette" and this Fresh cream fille Chou pastry that had Caramel icing applied with a builders trowel!
Pat had a piece off Pizza and a trifle, all very nice!

As the weather was better after lunch we headed back and up to Ashness Bridge, I was amused by this character trying to appear a "Pro" photographer with this tripod and graduated filter on front of the lens.
I was using 1/500 second at f8, so I wonder what possible advantage there could be in using a tripod?

We continued to surprise view and I was asked by a couple of young women to take their photo, and they responded in kind, rather well I thought.
And here is a panorama of four images to try to give an impression of the dramatic view
Pat took this shot of the lake ferry setting off
Then we went on up to Watendlath itself, here is the pack horse bridge
A little more background in this shot
It has a very odd surface of smooth stones, they are rather attractive
This special stone marks the fact that Prince Charles opened the refurbished bridge on the date inscribed.
This had been a really great day out!

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