Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday 21 August 2010 kirkstone pass and Ullswater

A much better day's weather than yesterday, thank goodness! we started off on pilgrimage, to the source of Grasmere Gingerbread, and here it is!!
Our plan had been to drive down the length of Windermere, but as we got closer and the inevitable traffic built up, Pat asked "is this a really good idea today?" so I took the next left and headed inland This is the village of Troutbeck, nestling on ledges in the hills and enjoying spectacular views!
Heading towards Kirkstone pass I spotted this lovely view, and Pat took this cracking shot, just look at the way the light models the hillsides!
And here we are descending Kirkstone Pass, once again the lighting was magnificent and Pat has taken a fine shot
Ullswater next and here it was quieter than expected, there were few craft out there today
As you can see here, not a sail in sight!
We shopped in Penrith and headed back to camp, Pat rested and I went for a walk as far as the Chinese Bridge,
There was a great deal more water passing under it after yesterday's heavy rain

there were lots of walkers out, like these taking a break, and as the wind had dropped, some fine reflections

This curious little flower (no, it isn't a bramble berry!) was growing in the swampy ground
As were these tiny daisy like flowers. It had been another great day out for us

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