Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday 18th August: Haweswater

Penrith was our first destination (for shopping) but we stopped part way there for a coffee (and of course Grasmere Gingerbread) and as you can see, even laybys in the lake district have fine views attached to them!
Having picked up sandwiches and a sticky bun each we were set for a roadside picnic.

After Penrith we made our way though rapidly deteriorating weather to Hawes Water and this was the rather dismal misty and rainy scene that met our eyes
We parked up and ate lunch, then decided to wait for half an hour or so and were rewarded with much better lighting as the sun came out, and the scene was transformed.
This is a shot from the Nikon

And this was taken by Pat on her FZ38 Bridge Camera, we took many shots and really enjoyed watching the light changing over the scene
As can be seen here the water level is pretty low, at the dam its about thirty feet below the spill over level
Later in the day I went for my usual evening walk and took quite a few shots of the marvellous reflections in the lake

Just look at the colours and modelling of the mountains above Keswick
Here they are again, taken with the long zoom on the TZ6 compact, while I was taking this the skies behind me went rather dark so I had to make a bee line back to the caravan, arriving just as the heavens opened!
Another great day!

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