Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday 19th Aug 2010: Wast Water

As so often happens here in the lake district, heavy rain beating a tattoo on the roof of the caravan, woke us, followed by bursts of sunshine as we ate breakfast.
I had intended to go to Wast water by the inland route, passing over Wrynose and Hard Knott passes, but the prospect of doing so in heavy rain didn't appeal, so we elected to go via the coast route, and would you believe it? the sun came out an it was a very pleasant journey.
We pottered about wasting time on the coast roads before heading for Gosforth and lunch.
This pebble "mural" coat of arms graces the entrance to the car park, it seems there is a local tradition for these things (most notably in Whitehaven)

I couldn't resist this flower with its attendant blowfly, using the TZ6 compact
We had a great Crab Salad lunch in the cafe opposite Gosforth Car park, then set off for Wasdale, watching the sky carefully, as it usually clouds over whenever we come here and we wanted good lighting to do the scenery justice.
This is a shot using the Nikon D60

And after a wait for the right lighting conditions, this is another Nikon Shot
pat was having a great time too with her bridge camera, heres a close up of that little island

And a rather nice distant view, look at the modelling of those slopes!
Pat was having a whale of a time, here is another that she took, looking towards the far end of the lake

She has really got the hang of controlling exposure to give good cloud effects, as in this shot
And finally here is a Nikon shot of the scree slopes, for once we were there when the lighting actually reached down the face of the cliff, usually this is in shadow and therefore lacks detail.
Obviously we took a lot more than this, but hopefully these will serve as a "taster"
We had another great day, which started off as if it was going to turn out to be a "Damp Squib"

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