Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday 17th August 2010 Whitehaven

After heavt rain during the night it was a cloudy and misty morning. Pat wanted some buttons for a cardigan she had just finished and I had located a wool shop in Whithaven on the internet, so that was our destination.
It turned out to be a good choice as we soon ran into sunshine, once clear of the lakeland hills, and it was very pleasant on the coast.
We had a walk around after she got the buttons and found this very attractive tower, which is the remains of "St Nicolas Church" which burned down in 1971, and the tower and grounds have been re-developed into splendid flower beds, the tower itself is still a chapel, but a Coffee shop, too

Where the body of the church used to be there is this very large memorial to the 1200 women and children who lost their lives working in the local coal mines, most of the design is made of inset beach pebbles, and is typical of the pebble murals set into the streets of the town.
I found this very unusual flower display in one of the side streets, there are some unusual things to see in Whitehaven!
Pat took quite a few shots of the marina, this is the quiet end where there are not so many craft

And enjoying the peace were some swans, there were a couple of different groups of them, rather unusual to find them in a harbour.
Then off to our favourite Chippie, just off the harbour, Pat was amused by the "Light Bulb" shaped condiments set.
And I was amused by the size of her fish portion, which was about two inches thick!
We came back via the back roads and as you can see the clouds were still hanging about around the mountains, this is Lowes Water.
We had passed an old cast iron road sign in one of the villages where it had been mis-spelled as "Lowse Water!"
You don't see many road signs like that!

Here is Buttermere with rather angry clouds in the background, but at least it stayed dry for us.
And here Crummock Water, it's difficult to stop for a photo along this road, there was a surprising amount of traffic, and no parking places provided.
Another view this time the end of the lake
Just look at the way the sun has highlighted the foreground here, there are some lovely lighting effects even of dull days.
It had been a good day out, especially after such a wet night and dull morning.

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