Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday 28th August 2010 Hawes and Kettlewell

Another bright and sunny morning so we decided to run across to Hawes, then down to Kettlewell, we hadn't gone very far when I spotted this castle to the south of us and Pat jumped out of the car to get this image. It looked very impressive, side lit by the morning sun

A little further along I pulled over on the hard shoulder to have our morning coffee and piece of Grasmere Gingerbread and was intrigued by this scene, with dappled sunshine scudding along the hillside
This, believe it or not is meant to be a dry stone wall, and it is easily the worst constructed one I have seen!
After Hawes we came into the Hamlet of Gayle and i stopped the car so Pat could photograph this rock shelf and cataract.
We continued down Langstrothdale, here is typical scene, this is a very scenic area, and pleasingly there was virtually no traffic!
When we reached Kettlewell I turned left and made my way between the houses, ignoring the various misleading signposts and found the Leyburn road through Coverdale.
The first few miles are as you see here, very twisty and hilly and greatg fun to drive, you should try it sometime!

There are lots of streams like this that break up the mountainside, and as you progress further down the dale, the road flattens out a little and grows wider too.
Eventually we got to Middleham and turned south to Masham where we had lunch in our favourite cafe.
It was Marked day in the square, making it a bit more difficult to find a parking place, but we managed.
The last part of the trip was to carry on to Ripon to shop at Morrison's before filling up the car and returning to camp.
Hazel and Jack had put on a great Sausage Casserole for supper in the social tent, followed by a variety of cheesecakes which were delicious!
We all had a very enjoyable evening.

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