Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday 2nd August 2010 South Stack and District

No visit to Anglesey is complete without at least one shot of the South Stack lighthouse past Holyhead on the very tip of Holy Island, so here it is!
For once we were lucky with the weather, too

Here is a closer view, it really is fine sight. These shots were taken by me with Pats new camera as the cliff path is too steep for her now.
To the left of the last image is the RSPB building, and beyond there is a really great cliff top path, but you definitely need a head for heights!
Heading back to Holyhead you can see this great "Noggin" of rock, it is visible on a clear day right across the island.
According to the guide books there used to be over fifty windmills on the island, many are jut hulks, but some like this one have been converted into homes, and what a view they must have!
There is just one working windmill on Anglesey, Mellyn LLynon and it really is worth visiting. It a type mill with Canvas sails and has been restored to fully working condition
This is the upper of three floors and here are the central gear and the drives down to the three separate mill wheels that the mill has
Right next to the mill there are two reconstructed Iron Age round houses that are really interesting to visit, they are surprisingly roomy and well organised inside
Here you can see a loom resting against the wall on the left, and in the centre of the room log fire burns on a stone hearth.
Cooking was done by placing the food to be cooked in a pail of water (usually a skin lined wooden one, then heating stones in the fire and dropping them into the water to boil it.

There were some interesting carvings outside and a guide inside the roundhouse was happy to explain everything and demonstrate how fire was made with a bow and stick, he also showed us the various tools and utensils that were in everyday use.
We really enjoyed our visit.

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