Monday, April 26, 2010

Remembering a recent visit to Saltburn

Saltburn is one of those seaside places created by the Victorians and made possible by the Railways. This first view is looking South from the side of the water powered Cliff Lift booth, onto the main road into the town, just where the 1 in 4 hairpin bends begin!
Looking a little closer you can see the pub which can get a bit windswept if there is a high tide and an Easterly Gale!
The pier or rather the half of the pier that has survived is still a tourist attraction, it is a little surprising to learn that more damage was done to it by ships sailing through it than by the actions of time and tide!
Here is a closer view, it looks rather frail against the waves but somehow it has hung together for a hundred years or so!
The easterly wind had attracted one of two "Slope soarers" her is one with a fairly typical flying arrangement, this is pretty much the usual fare
Bit this chap had a very different contraption. The inflatable nylon wing isn't particularly special.
like the chap with the conventional microlight he was flying up and down for at least half an hour as we watched
What was surprising when he came close was the "Body Bag!" (I wonder what it's Called?) that he was sitting in
I couldn't help but wonder how he got off the ground then presumably got his legs and body into the bag, presumably then zipping it shut, and all the while controlling the floppy wing arrangement overhead? Sounds like a job and a half to me!!

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