Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday 13th April 2010 :Return to Hull for car repairs

I had to return to Hull to have new wheel bearings fitted to the offside front wheel of the car as they were making some interesting noises! I got up just after five and was on the road shortly after six, the sky was very colourful out over the sea, but there was also a low level mist which meant bad news for photographs of the lighting.
Traffic at that time was much lighter than I had expected and resulted in me arriving before Royce Roberts had opened for business.
The bearing change was pretty quick and I was back at the campsite for bang on noon, to find it wreathed in a thick sea fog, which rather put the damper on our intended afternoon at Runswick Bay!
Eventually the fog thinned and I went for a walk in the wood attached to the campsite (used as a dog-walk) it had some of the most tatty trees I have seen in many years

Many of them were covered in lichens and fungi like this specimen
We did manage to get out briefly after tea, and after popping into the Lidl supermarket in Whitby, dropped down the hill to Sandsend, which is a pretty village that follows a stream down to the sea
The actual properties on the seafront are literally across the road from the waves, which must get pretty hairy during the winter storms (I bet they don't get much sleep in those bedrooms!)

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