Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday 18th April 2010 a visit to Ennerdale

Sunday 18th April 2010 A visit to Ennerdale
We woke to a fine sunny morning and fancied a trip to Pat's favourite lake, especially as we felt the traffic would be less busy as it gets pretty hectic in the central lakes area on a weekend, so drove up the western side of Derwentwater. There was no wind and the lake was completely still with magnificent reflections, so I stopped and took these images.

Its rare to get such nice reflections!

We took the more scenic route across to the coast through Newlands Valley and here are a couple of views of the pastoral landscape.

By the time we cleared the mountains it ha clouded over. so we decided to go over to Whitehaven to have a McDonalds lunch, on the assumption that I would be able to download some programs using their free Wi-Fi which is many times faster than the 56 k dial-up speed I can achieve on camp.
I got connected all right but soon found that I couldn't connect to the sites I wanted, though there wasn't an obvious reason for this,but never mind, I connected the Vodafone Dongle and found i was in a 3G area, so had broadband anyway and downloaded the programs with that.
We also did some shopping and as it was sunny again decided to give Ennerdale a try, but by the time we got there it had become dull and chilly so we headed for home, but I couldnt resist a panorama.

We came back reversing our outward bound journey and passing Crummock water where we stopped to enjoy a "99" ice cream from a van in a lay by...

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