Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yesterday we were packed and ready early and on the road for 9:30, the traffic was light and we arrived on site and set up just after twelve.
Since many people on the site had spent the week there (after Easter) they were moving off in large numbers and we were able to pick a fine pitch with a view through the trees edging the site into the valley beyond. Here we are parked next to the Crazy Goolf area, in the middle of setting up and about to sit down to a welcome coffee!
Please note that if you click on the images you can see them full size!
This is the view from the caravan doorway, there is just a low dry stone wall between us and the meadow beyond
Looking over the wall slightly north we have this great view. The Pickering to Whitby Road leads from left to right just below the skyline
With facing more or less Westerley we have hopes of seeing some fine sunsets. This is only our second outing with the new to us van, and the first time we have had it connected to the mains, so there were some interesting moments as we found out how to use the various gadgets and appliances!

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