Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday 25th April Last day in the lakes

Well, I suppose the weather had to change eventually at least it chose our last full day to do so and we woke to the sound of heavy rain.
Not to worry, this gave us an excuse to hava a lazy morning and generally tidy round the van in preparation for going home tomorrow.
Eventually we stirred ourselves and drove into Keswick to do some last day shopping at Booths and to have lunch there.
With this done we drove up to Castlerigg Stone Circle and I braved the rain to do a Panoramic which for a change is facing north as this was the only way to keep the rain off the camera lens!
After returning to camp it brightened for a few minutes and I went down to the side of the lake and took this shot but almost immediately the rain returned and I beat a hasty retreat back to the caravan.
After a nice tea of grilled Cumberland Sausage, veg etc. followed by a microwaved sticky toffee pudding with instant custard I was ready to try my luck with the weather again.
This time at least there were short bursts of sunshine between the low scudding clouds and this made for more dramatic pictures
To the north it cleared for about five minutes and there was a brief show of blue sky too, so I grabbed this pic which I thinks is the best one of the day
Well that was my lot as the rain came down again with a vengence, but I couldn't resist taking a pic of this little cloud climbing the side of Catbells.

Well, that's it from this visit to the lakes we shall be on the way home tomorrow morning (briefly) before we go off with Yorkshire Freeway at the weekend and plan our next major session. Hope you have enjoyed the blog!

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