Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday 16th April 2010: Workington and Whitehaven

A visit to Workington and Whitehaven
I decided to buy a compact Epson Printer for use in the caravan, so found the one I wanted at Argos (on the internet) and located one in stock in Workington, which i reserved as it was the last one in stock within 50 miles.
We set off in bright sunshine and stopped for a cuppa in Honister Pass, this image of the car with the scree slopes in the background gives some Idea of the scale of the mountains.

We were parked next to a stream just look at the size of the boulder that must have made quite a noise as it crashed down from the hillside above.
This has to be one of the most scenic roads in the British Isles, just look at the beauty of Buttermere, it looks too good to be true.After parking in the centre of Workington and buying the printer we continued down the coast to Whitehaven shopping in the big Tesco there and having a really tasty Fish and chip meal in a Cafe called "Crosby's" Pat's fish was enormous and mine was huge too! we recommend them if you are in the area.
After that we had a walk along the edge of the docks, once a big fishing area now a Marina. Here is a general view.

And one including the Headland.
The second of the docks has an amazing twisted H section girder on pylons, which gives a remarkable look to the area, And there is a strange structure in the middle of the dock that seems to be more decorative than functional!
Further on are these bronze fisher lad statues, one of which is portrayed in the act of slicing a rope, they are depicting 1960's local styles.

and beyond them pebble mosaics in the pavement and roadway told the history of the town and it's connections with the sea. There were more of these mosaics on the main traffic free road through the town centre and they were very skilfully done.

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