Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday April 24th Blea Tarn and Duddon Valley

First job of the day was to go down to Grasmere Village to buy some more of the gingerbread to take home with us. Once this was accomplished we set off in the direction of Ambleside and then to our surprise saw an empty layby near the lake so I quickly parked up and took this rare opportunity to stop and get a shot of the marvellous reflections

We continued through Langdale and stopped in the National Trust car park at Blea Tarn , Pat was fascinated by the way that the lambs of the Lakeland Harwick sheep are all born Black.

Blea Tarn is far too wide for any wide angle lens to cope with so it is necessary to resort to stitching images together to make a Panorama if you want to get it all in.
These two composited were both made using five separate images

With this second one I included people and sheep in the hope that this will give a sense of scale To get to the Duddon Valley you have to climb Wrynose Pass and then travel along the high valley bottom before turning left just before the start of the ascent of Hard knot Pass (seen here)
All along the Duddon Valley the river runs clean and bright green between rocks, again it was necessary to join images together in this case vertically to get the scene in
All three of these images were assembled from three separate images stitched together
This valley is well worth visiting if you are in the area
And here from my evening walk a calmer view of water Derwentwater in the evening light

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