Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday April 23rd Surprise view and Watendlath

We woke for the first time this holiday to a dull morning, though it was definitely milder than of late, so we took a leisurely breakfast and decide to look at the local are for a change.
We drove down to the edge of the lake and there was very little wind so the water was still, giving quite good reflections

This island is one I recall paddling round in a hired Kayak many years ago when we brought Mum and Dad along with us and the girls and camped at the Camping Club Keswick Site
A little further along the shore this overhanging bough provided a bit of foreground and you can see that there is still just a trace of morning mist in the distance
On then to that old favourite Ashness bridge, I got into conversation here with a group of University students from Cambridge who had set off very early in the morning and were breaking their journey with a fry up.
They asked me to take a group photo of them in the end with a dozen different cameras that were handed to me!

Then at last to Surprise View This wonderful viewpoint seems always to be cloudy when we get there, but never mind! the Panorama is stitched from five different images
And so along the surprisingly long high valley (and very narrow road, too!) Watendlath is always worth the effort of visiting, it seeme to have a timeless quality somehow and is never full of visitors.
The quaint little bridge has a most unusual paved surface, and the sides of the bridge are a mass of growing ferns, it seems more of a natural rock formation than a man made artifact!
By now it was lunchtime and we went to Booths for one of their rather special Dinners which we both enjoyed immensely, then a walk round Keswick looking round the shops before heading back to the caravan for an afternoon rest

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