Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday April 15th 2010, We have moved to the Lake District

We were on the road for 9:15 AM after a little bother with one of the caravan plugs which yielded to a spray with WD40, and arrived just after 1PM.
Despite the fact that we had to detour as the centre of Keswick is closed to traffic for road repairs.The site is pretty busy and we couldn't get onto the area which we usually occupy, but we got a good pitch quite close to the gate where you can walk down to the lakeside.
I managed to hit a rock manouevering on site so had to take off the bolt on accessory jack levelling point and straighten it, By the look of the other one, this happens pretty often!
We set up then went into Keswick to shop at Booths, then back to camp after taking a couple of photos on the lakeside.
Here is a panorama of the view, quite breathtaking in the evening light

And from a little closer to the campsite is this shot looking south towards Dale Head you can see there is till quite a bit of snow on the Mountain tops.
To the East is the Lodor Falls Hotel, reached by this great boardwalk, originally made of timber but being incrementally replaced with this plastic replacement made from millions of recycled plastic bottles. It is stronger, safer, and needs no maintenance.
This is the view to the left of the lake looking towards Swinside in the direction of Keswick,
This one is a view north along the Eastern Shore, again looking north towards Friars CragWe were pretty well tired out, so after tea it was time for a lazy evening, books and Blogging!
Tommorow we go out to get some supplies of Grasmere Gingerbread!

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