Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday 21st April a visit to Penrith and Tarn Howes

Just to be different we headed in completely the wrong direction to start with, as Pat wanted to shop for clothes in Penrith.
She reminded me that the last time we were there was sixteen years ago when we were camping on a Camping Club Temporary Holiday Site and she tripped and broke her ankle: they put her in Penrith Hospital and I had to commute the sixty miles round trip each day to visit her!
Happy times, eh? Any way I was surprised at how interesting the town centre was with it's narrow winding streets and we bought sandwiches and cakes at the local Greggs to have for lunch.

We drove past Pooley bridge and stopped in the same little layby we used a couple of days before and I got a picture of the fascinating old pleasure steamer, this time on the far side of the lake.
Underfoot the first of the spring flowers were making a showing among last years leaf litter and Pat enjoyed feeding the crusts of her sandwiches to the Ducks that appeared as if by magic at the sound of a paper bag being rustled!
We moved on a couple of miles then pulled in again and I took this distant view (after clambering down the rocks to the waters edge)
By passing Ambleside on the way to Windermere you get this view looking down on the lake.Eventually we arrived at Tarn Howes and even though the wind was like glass, the sun shone and we decided to walk down to the side of the lake.
Before doing so I took five images which are now stitched into this Panorama,

then down we went to find it much warmer down there out of the wind
Heres the view across the lake.

Back up again after that and time for a cinder toffee ice cream before Pat went to rest in the car and I climbed to the top of the nearby hill to get this shot looking down on the lakeWe had to return by the same way we came into Tarn Howes as the normal one way exit road to Coniston had been damaged by floods. By this time we were ready for an afternoon rest and headed back to camp.

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