Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday 10th August: Pili Palas and a lot of rain!

In complete contrast to yesterday we had pretty near continuous heavy rain today, so we went to "Pili Palas" Nature World Butterfly house and Zoo, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
There were not so many species as last year, but more than enough to provide great subjects

and that is just a few of the shots taken!
there was also a suspended "statue" made of small suspended tiles
And here are some more butterflies

One of the nice things about Pili Palas is that the staff involve visiting kids with the animals and encourage them to handle them (under supervision of course)
there are areas devoted to birds too
And animal and insect areas too, which are a little dark!
We had a pleasant lunch of jacket potatoes with Coronation Chicken and salad, then did some shopping before returning to camp

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