Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunday 14th August 2011: Bodnant Garden

Possibke the best garden in the UK is how this has been described and I can well believe it!
It certainly has the biggest and best lily ponds i have ever seen!
the next shot is of the side view of the hous (not open to the public) seen from the great lawn
So without more ado, lets see some of the flowers
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The bee on that last shot proved very accomodating, here he is again
ets not overlook the water lilies in the pond
Lower down the hillside we come to the rectangular lake, guarded by a pair of sphinxes
There are lovely flowers here too
Here is the lake and summer house in all it's glory
We had salads for lunch in the cafe, and later in the day popped down to Cemaes for an evening drive, the tide was out.

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