Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday 22nd August 2011:llynon mill and Cemlyn

I managed to convince Pat to go to see the local GP with the Wasp Bite that had swollen and troubled her for days, so that took up the morning, while we were waiting to go in we drove down to Benlech Beach
And after we eventually got out of the surgery we had a late fish and chips lunch, very tasty! then headed across the island in bright sunshine to Lynon Mill, the last of the Anglesey
windmills that has been restored to full operation
These mills were quite short in height, but attractive nevertheless.
the chap who was guiding us round was disappointed that there wasn't any wind, so he couldn't show us the mill actually in operation, but never mind, here is a panorama of the interior
Behind the mill is a reconstruction of two 3,000 year old roundhouses in a stockade.
This is a panoramic of the two
Note the massive overhang of the thatched roof to protect the "Wattle and Daub" mud wall from being washed away in heavy rain.
There are no chimneys, the smoke from a small internal fire finds its way through the thick thatch, apparently this reduces the draught to the fire and prevents it getting out of control and burning the house down!
Inside the house was very spacious, and we were told they are warm in winter too!
Here is a panorama of the interior
And this is a view of the complicated roof!
Outside the stockade there were carved logs
And a mini Labyrinth constructed by children of the local school
Then we headed back to camp for tea.
Afterwards we drove to the other en of Cemllyn Bay where the lagoon starts
This is the stepped beach of shingle
We didn't stay all that long as upwards of twenty cars and motorhomes with Kayaks on roof racks suddenly filled the car park!
Another great day.

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welshrover said...

this blog bought tears to me eyes llynnon mill was me play area 56 years ago, years before the mill was done up shame you missed the old howell water mill which is about a mile away,not only you captured the true anglesey but you bought so much memories back to me,you have really whet my appetite to go back to me birthplace and retrace me roots,Thank you for the vivid photos
em williams