Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday 13th August 2010: Anglesey Sea Zoo

Another favourite of ours, especially as your entry ticket lasts a week and you can go back as often as you like!
The entrance hall has low level tanks ideal for kids!
And as everywhere else in the Zoo they are locally caught specimens
the zoo is divided into small darkened rooms with a wide variety of tanks, large and small
some lovely anemones here
The tanks are often filled with the sort of objects man has left on the sea bed!
This one was a very striking starfish and lobster pot
A piece of old fishing net is home to some tubeworms
The "Shipwreck" corridor if favourite with the kids, made to appear as if you are walking through the timebers of a sunken wooden ship with tanks set into the walls, it is very dark and spooky!
Here is another view further down the corridor
Some of the tanks are very small, like this one with an old wooden pulley and its occupants
There is a large panoramic tank, here being photographed by Patty
a shark tank room, and in the last room a series of rock pools where water cascades from one to the next
We had a rather splendid Mushroom Quiche and salad in the cafe, too!

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