Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Monday 15th August 2011:LLandudno

Pat wanted to do some clothes shopping so we headed for one of the big shopping areas, and for a welcome change she (nearly) got all the items she wanted. After our morning coffee we moved on to a multi storey car park and were soon on the surprisingly wide promenade
The beach was pretty quiet (it did get much busier later in the morning!)
the Promenade was impressive, at least 100 yards wide it stretched for four and a half miles along the curve of the beach, wide enoughh to land an airliner on it!
But it was the pier that took our fancy
And we headed for it.
We were surprised at the great condition that the pier was in, it was easily the best we have seen, with little shops in pavilions along its length.
When we reached the end of the pier it was much bigger than we had expected and in great condition! we felt like we had stepped back into the past as a juke box in the amusement arcade was playing all the hits from 1960, rather a weird but nice feeling!
We bought sandwiches and a sticky bun on our way back to the car, then drove up onto the Great Orme through very steep and narrow streets to eat then in the sunshine, then round the scenic drive
there are spectacular views from here!
We had really enjoyed our visit!

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