Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday 19th August 2010: Penmon Priory and point Lynas

Our first call of the day was down into Molfre where Pat visited the tiny wool shop in a tin hut and miraculously managed to get pattern, crochet hook and wool to her satisfaction.
We then drove to Red Wharf bay to park on the foreshore for our morning coffee.
then over the hills and narrow lanes to the Menai strait
We had lunch in the "Triple Eight" cafe in Beaumaris then doubled back to go to the very tip of the island, puffin Island.
The lighthouse is very close to the shore
And there is a shingle beach, but we didn't see any puffins!
Retracing our steps we came to Penmon priory
The chaps on the "cherry picker" were removing weeds from the stone work, to their right the priory is still occupied as a private dwelling.
Behind us was the strangely shapes Dove Cote
After tea pat wanted to try out her new wool and patterns so I went alone to look at point Lynas
Its very scenic along the coast path

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