Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday 11th August 2011: Rain between showers....

Oh dear, what has happened to our summer? yeasterday was bad, today was a washout! if it wasn't throwing down with rain, it was a Mizzling Fog, which never stopped once all day.
We sallied forth to shop, and went out early evening when it looked as if it might brighten up, but when we got to Red Wharf bay, the ultra fine (and very wetting) drizzle had started again.
Ah well, I took just a couple of shots rather than the day pass unremarked.
Here are some boats left by the tide
Further out in the main bay are more yachts
We have to admire the way young families with kids are coping with the rotten weather!
And here is a determined Dad who will build a sand (mud) castle regrdless!
Not much material from the day for the Blog or book today! Perhaps we will have better luck tomorrow.

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