Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday 21st August 2011:Llandudno again and Cemaes Bay

A nice bright start so across to the mainland and down to good old Llandudno for a walk on the front and the pier of course!
This is a view of the miles and miles of hotels along the Esplanade
It was a little early but people were already sitting out taking the sun
local supporters were having a mini "Lifeboat Day" rather low key after the Moelfre affair, but they were doing their best!
We reached the pier which was rather busy!
and Pat bought a new lace "thingy" for the coffee table from this stall
over on our right a jetty came out into the sea for pleasure boats to load passengers at low tide
then it began to rain, so we beat a hasty retreat back to the car!
When we got back to camp of course the sun came out (typical) so we had a lazy afternoon then a ride round to holyhead for tea, followed by a visit to Cemaes Bay
A very pleasant day!

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