Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday August 18th : Aberdaron and Amlwch harbour

Pat fancied lunch in Aberdaron, so we headed for the mainland and took the top road down, stopping at Morfa Nefyn for these views.
South to Porth Dinlaen
And north towards Anglesey, its a nice beach down there!
It's a very pleasant drive along quiet and twisty lanes to get to Aberdaron, we arrived about eleven
This is the cafe we like to use
Since we were early we went for a short walk through the little village and along the prom. these kids were building a sandcastle and trying to make it strong enough to resist the incoming tide! in the distance you can see Bardsey island, still a point of pilgrimage for some religious folks.
Then it was back to the cafe for lunch (paninis with Coronation Chicken and salad) here you can see that the cafe is on two levels
This must surely be the oldest cafe for many miles as this interior notice testifies
We then headed down to the lower coast with the intention of visiting Pwhelli and Criccieth etc., but nose to tail slow moving traffic showed that this wasn't a good idea so we headed back to camp.
After tea we went down to Amlwch harboour for an evening walk
Its very quiet now
This notice tells you how it used to be!
We met a Yachtsman forn the whit boat on the right "Mighty Max" who was telling us how that end of the harbour was completed to serve the Wylfa Atomic Power station, and also that the composite carbon mast on his boat would cost £25,000 pounds to replace if he broke it.
Expensive toy hmm?

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