Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday 17th April, Whitby and Skinningrove

We had our good friend Keith visiting us, and after he kindly fitted a new smaller front chainwheel to my Brompton, we took him down into Whitby for a walk round and to take some photographs.
We parked on the Harbour side and the water was very still as you can see here.
There were other fishing boats moored in this little inlet
It being Saturday the boat trips were under way, and across the Esk we saw the now retired lifeboat in it's new role taking "half hour trips around the bay"
There were the usual street performers, here are two miming to Caribean Tunes and playing Bongo Drums
And approaching the swing bridge was "Elizabeth" the historic steam powered coach doing trips along the harbour side and up the "Kyber Pass" to the North Cliff.
looking towards the fish market from the swing bridge we could see the "Esk Belle" arriving back from a trip out to sea
And then we were into the old town with with its amazing variety of shops, heres one displaying colourful bags
Saturday is Market Day in Whitby and it was in full swing.
And there was a guy with a stand "The Whitby Victorian Steamship Company" selling candle powered steamboat models (2 for a pound) If I had any money on me I would have bought two!
Then we were at the base of the hundred steps up to the Abbey, but managed to restrain ourselves from running up to the top
Behind these lower steps was a very cleverly wrought netting statue of a fisherman mending his lobster pot
And then it was on towards the end of the road where Keith wanted to buy some kippers from the smoke house
At the very end of this narrow road we looked down to see the Esk Belle and the old lifeboat passing each other in the mouth of the harbour
Rather than eat our sandwiches on the by now very busy car park, we drove to Sandsend intending to park on the hill, but this was busy too and we ended up at  Kettleness, before dropping down the steep twisty hill into Skinningrove.
Pat relaxed in the car while Keith and I walked what seemed like a hundred miles to the end of the beach!
Then it was back to the caravan for tea, a great day out!

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