Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday 10th April 2011 Last day of the Holiday

And what a cracker! the temperature reached 22C and we had a lovely day. We went to Honister Pass first and had our morning coffee by the stream
There was very little wind, so the reflections in the lakes were very good!
Just like looking in a mirror!
Reaching the coast we headed for St Bees and had a light lunch in the cafe on the foreshore and then dicovered that the nearside rear tyre had been punctured by a stone, so we headed into Whitehaven where we found a Kwik Fit that was open and repaired it for us.
After tea in the Caravan I went for a last walk along the lake shore, where I saw to my surprise four swallows wheeling overhead, the first I have seen this year and very  early too!
It was serene down the lake side in the evening light, a fitting end to the holiday

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Barbara said...

Really enjoyed this trip with you Tony
I hope the weather is as kind to us as it was to you laterly when we visit in May